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Music in Motion Productions, LLC


Join the PULSE THE SHOW Cast

We are auditioning musical professionals with backgrounds in movement and dance for our Atlanta production.

Cast Member Compensation

What can I expect from this Guide?
All of the information in this guide is subject to change prior to signing a contract with Music in Motion Productions. Exact compensation will be presented in the cast member’s contract upon being casted. The information in this document is only a guide.

PULSE THE SHOW promises to be very rewarding to the cast member whose passion is performing. The chance to perform in a professional cast is an important part of our compensation package and a part we all cherish. By joining the cast of PULSE THE SHOW, you will have the opportunity to perform for a wide variety of audiences and events and enjoy the unique opportunity of sharing your art form for others to enjoy. The opportunities for this production are endless and we look forward to the many expected and unexpected types of bookings.
What is the mission of Music in Motion Productions?
The mission of Music in Motion Productions is to provide professional performing opportunities to highly qualified performers having the unique skill set of moving and playing. There are few professional ensembles like this in the world, allowing for a lot of room for promoting this art form.
What can I expect in terms of compensation?
As our company expands, so too should compensation. At the onset, cast members should expect to be compensated similar to an average university per diem rate for performing in a university marching band or basketball band. Cast members should expect to do a number of promotional (free) events early in the life span of PULSE THE SHOW. Music in Motion Productions is a business aimed at compensating its performers and our business model does not steer towards donated entertainment. However, we still have to get our name out there. Our product is exclusive and will be presented to high-end clients looking for the very best in live entertainment.
What is my role in Music in Motion Productions?
Cast members are contractors for Music in Motion Productions.
How is compensation determined?
Cast members will be contracted at a set percentage rate listed in the cast member contract. When PULSE THE SHOW is booked at a fee agreed upon between the client and Music in Motion Productions, the cast member will receive their percentage of that fee as stated in their performance contract. Cast members only receive their percentage for shows in which they perform. Cast members will have access to booking rate history to allow for financial transparency.

Essentially, the higher the booking rate for an event, the more money each cast member receives. The more shows each cast member performers, the more money the cast member receives.