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Auditioning | PULSE the Show | Music in Motion
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Music in Motion Productions, LLC


Join the PULSE THE SHOW Cast

We are auditioning musical professionals with backgrounds in movement and dance for our Atlanta production.

Apply Online

We strongly encourage you to compose your answers in another document. Cut and paste your answers into the blanks.

Demographic Information


Educational Background

On what instrument are you submitting an audition video? (You may select more than one)

Marching Baritone

Did you graduate from high school or earn your GED?


List all post-secondary education and include any degrees you have earned and the date you earned them.

What formal training do you have on your instrument? (Be as specific as possible.)

What drum corps have you been a member of during finals performance? Include the year(s) next to the corps.
You must have marched at DCI finals to list. If you were injured but still a member and still present at finals performance you may still list. Please include this information below.

Are you currently marching in the 2014 DCI season?


In what college or university marching band have you been a member? Include the year(s) next to the band.
The college or university must have given you credit in order to list. If you were injured at any point, please include this information below.

List any dance experience you feel is relevant. Be as specific as possible and include dates.

What formal dance training have you received? Be as specific as possible and include dates.

List other instruments in which you would feel comfortable performing.

Are you in the physical condition to perform a high-impact visual show while performing your instrument?

I am currently injured but will be fully recovered in time for September 1, 2014.

Video Components

Copy and paste one or more video urls from YouTube, Vimeo, or another video sharing site of your choice that demonstrate your acting, music, and movement experience. Please keep in mind that your application is only considered complete when you have all three components required in the application process.

NOTE: You may add up to six video urls to complete this application, however, one can be provided at a later time, if needed.

Check the box that you have read this statement:

I understand that I must be able to travel to Atlanta on a frequent basis beginning September 1, 2014

The person seen and heard on the audition video is the same person whose name is entered on this form.

I did not have the audition video edited in any way that would effect the original live music performance.

The video and sound on the audition performance occurred at the same time.

All of the information on this form is true and accurate.